Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom in Cape Town

Finally PB made it to Cape Town, I had attended his Mallorca HDSLR 4 day Master class 2011 and just knew he had to come to the ‘Mother City’, I was happy to shoot behind the scenes stills of his CT workshop and pleased to help introduce him to his ‘projectionist ‘, see Philip’s Blog link (above) about his Cape Town experience at the Labia.

‘Portrait of a Projectionist’ a wonderfully executed and crafted short film, shot in record time. Thanks Philip.

About the Author:
South African born international photographer, Coco Van Oppens, graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography (California, USA) with a Bachelor of Arts in 1990. Her work took her across the globe from Costa Rica to Siberia and she then spent a few years in Europe working as a professional commercial photographer in diverse fields.

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