Unit Stills on Bluestone 42

Here is the web site link to stills I did last year on Bluestone 42, season 2. www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/galleries/p01t05j9

SkyFest 2013

Spent 4 days in the cradle of Mankind in the Magaliesburg at the Skyfest 2013 Kundalini yoga festival (20th-24th Sept) Great to reconnect with old friends, we did lots of yoga, ate delicious food, laughed a lot , taught a workshop on ‘Teaching Children Yoga’ and photographed the event for the organizers. See the link : http://cocovo.shootproof.com Thank you to all x

Dark Tide with Halle Berry


Spirit Fest 2013

Spirit Fest a gathering of like minded people on the outskirts of Cape Town. The week end was filled with all types of yoga classes, live music, dancing, healthy food, meditations, children’s yoga and much laughter & friendship. Thanks Ilana and Anton from http://www.gururamdas.co.za/

Udaipur Baba

Baba Ramdas at the Vishnu temple in Udaipur.


The streets of Pushkar are filled with seekers, believers, animals, motor bikes (hooting ALOT), merchants, locals, travelers and Babas like Krishna, in the photo. This photograph is part of a series ‘ Portraits in Pushkar ‘ I am working on.

Welcome to Mumbai

Blowing of flags near Colaba, Indian parliament was in session on this day. Nice welcome into Mumbai.

Down & Out in Mumbai

This is how I felt in Mumbai ….

Rural Education with Learning Space foundation Ganeshpuri

Christmas Day 2012, the day after we arrived in India, it was spent with our friend Nitin Orayan from Learning Space Foundation. We spent some time over the next couple of days with the teachers/ artists and met the children attending the school.

1st home stay in India with Yogini Kakar

Yogini our host in Ganeshpuri, in her lounge, it was here I started my series of ‘Portraits of India’